Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurtas Vonnegutas gimė 1922 metais Indianapolyje, Indianos valstijoje (JAV). Studijavo chemiją ir mechaninę inžineriją. Antrojo pasaulinio karo metais tarnavo kariuomenėje, buvo išsiųstas kariauti į Europą, čia pateko į Vermachto nelaisvę. Laikytas Dresdene, vienas iš nedaugelio kalintų amerikiečių, išgyvenusių 1945 m. Dresdeno bombardavimą.

Atgavęs laisvę grįžo į JAV, Čikagos universitete studijavo antropologiją, dirbo naujienų agentūrų reporteriu. Pirmąjį savo apsakymą publikavo 1950 m., pirmąjį romaną Player Piano (liet. „Pianola“) – po dvejų metų. Ilgainiui tapo vienu didžiausių šiuolaikinės amerikiečių literatūros meistrų – be šio autoriaus vardo pastaroji šiandien daugeliui būtų net neįsivaizduojama.

K. Vonnegutas mirė 2007 m. Niujorke. Per ilgą rašytojo karjerą parašė keliolika romanų, beveik dešimt apsakymų ir esė rinkinių. Tarp žymiausių jo knygų paminėtini romanai The Sirens of Titan (1959, liet. „Titano sirenos“), Mother Night (1962, liet. „Motina naktis“), Cat’s Cradle (1963, liet. „Katės lopšys“), Slaughterhouse Five (1969, liet. „Skerdykla Nr.5“), Breakfast Of Champions (1973, liet. „Čempionų pusryčiai“), Galápagos (1985, liet. „Galapagai“), apsakymų rinkinys Welcome to the Monkey House (1968, liet. „Sveiki atvykę į beždžionių narvą!“) bei esė rinkinys A Man Without a Country (2005, liet. „Žmogus be tėvynės“).

Autoriaus knygos

Kurt Vonnegut

The Sirens of Titan

17,00 Lt   Kaina: 15,35 €

"The Sirens of Titan" is an outrageous romp through space, time, and morality. The richest, most depraived man on Earth, Malachi Constant, is offered a chance to take a space journey to distant worlds with a beautiful woman at his side. Of course, there's a catch to the invitation...and a prophetic vision about the purpose of human life that only Vonnegut has the courage to tell.

Kurt Vonnegut

God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian

Kaina: 13,40 €

From Slapstick's "Turkey Farm" to Slaughterhouse-Five's eternity in a Tralfamadorean zoo cage with Montana Wildhack, the question of the afterlife never left Kurt Vonnegut's mind. In God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian, Vonnegut skips back and forth between life and the Afterlife as if the difference between them were rather slight. In thirty odd "interviews," Vonnegut trips down "the blue tunnel to the pearly gates" in the guise of a roving reporter for public radio, conducting interviews: with Salvatore Biagini, a retired construction worker who died of a heart attack while rescuing his schnauzer from a pit bull, with John Brown, still smoldering 140 years after his death by hanging, with William Shakespeare, who rubs Vonnegut the wrong way, and with socialist and labor leader Eugene Victor Debs, one of Vonnegut's personal heroes. What began as a series of ninety-second radio interludes for WNYC, New York City's public radio station, evolved into this provocative collection of musings about who and what we live for, and how much it all matters in the end. From the original portrait by his friend Jules Feiffer that graces the cover, to a final entry from Kilgore Trout, God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian remains a joy.

Kurt Vonnegut


21,00 Lt   Kaina: 15,35 €

Broad humor and bitter irony collide in this fictional autobiography of Rabo Karabekian, who, at age seventy-one, wants to be left alone on his Long Island estate with the secret he has locked inside his potato barn. But then a voluptuous young widow badgers Rabo into telling his life story--and Vonnegut in turn tells us the plain, heart-hammering truth about man's careless fancy to create or destroy what he loves.

Kurt Vonnegut

Cat's Cradle

Kaina: 11,25 €

Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" is an irreverent and highly entertaining fantasy about the playful irresponsibility of nuclear scientists, beautifully repackaged as part of the Penguin Essentials range. 'All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies.' Dr Felix Hoenikker, one of the founding fathers of the atomic bomb, has left a deadly legacy to the world. For he is the inventor of Ice-nine, a lethal chemical capable of freezing the entire planet. The search for its whereabouts leads to Hoenikker's three eccentric children, to a crazed dictator in the Caribbean, to madness. Will Felix Hoenikker's death wish come true? Will his last, fatal gift to humankind bring about the end that, for all of us, is nigh? Told with deadpan humour and bitter irony, Kurt Vonnegut's cult tale of global apocalypse preys on our deepest fears of witnessing the end and, worse still, surviving it ...

Kurt Vonnegut

Breakfast of Champions

Kaina: 13,30 €

In a frolic of cartoon and comic outbursts against rule and reason, a miraculous weaving of science fiction, memoir, parable, fairy tale and farce, Kurt Vonnegut attacks the whole spectrum of American society, releasing some of his best-loved literary creations on the scene.

Kurt Vonnegut

God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

24,00 Lt   Kaina: 16,00 €

"God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" is a comic masterpiece. Eliot Rosewater, drunk, volunteer fireman, and President of the fabulously rich Rosewater Foundation, is about to attempt a noble experiment with human nature...with a little help from writer Kilgore Trout. The result is Vonnegut's funniest satire, an etched-in-acid portrayal of the greed, hypocrisy, and follies of the flesh we are all heir to.

Kurt Vonnegut

Slaughterhouse 5

Kaina: 14,40 €

Prisoner of war, optometrist, time-traveller - these are the life roles of Billy Pilgrim, hero of this miraculously moving, bitter and funny story of innocence faced with apocalypse. Slaughterhouse 5 is one of the world's great anti-war books. Centring on the infamous firebombing of Dresden in the Second World War, Billy Pilgrim's odyssey through time reflects the journey of our own fractured lives as we search for meaning in what we are afraid to know.

Kurt Vonnegut

Welcome To The Monkey House And Palm Sunday

17,00 Lt   Kaina: 14,20 €

A diabolical government asserts control by eliminating orgasms from sex in the title story of Welcome to the Monkey House – setting the tone for a collection shot through with Vonnegut's acrid wit, and his bewilderment at the corruption of humanity.

Kurt Vonnegut

Katės lopšys

9,00 Lt   Kaina: 8,50 €

„Nesulaikomas mūsų juokas yra gynybinė organizmo reakcija į juodąjį K. Vonneguto humorą.“ (Atlantic Monthly)

Kurt Vonnegut

Čempionų pusryčiai

10,00 Lt   Kaina: 9,00 €

„Itin humaniška knyga, nors gelia iki skausmo“ (Kate Atkinson)


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